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Ashwin Chhabra

There are no alternates to Honesty & Hardwork
Ashwin Chhabra, Partner of Prakash Opticals

Ashwin Chhabra, A Optician by Profession and partner of very reputed and oldest Optical Shop of Nagpur, “Prakash Opticals” who are celebrating this year 50 years of their existence in Optician Business. Ashwin got candid with Biz Info Line on his life and the business that he runs.

Personal Information :

CEO Name : Ashwin Chhabra / Dinesh Chhabra
Address : Ghatate Building , Opp. Panchsheel Cinema, Nagpur
Phone : 0712-6646499
Email :
Year of Inception : 1962
No. Of Employees : 12
Date of Birth : 09/03/1962
Education Qualification : B.Com
Native of : Delhi
Favorite Car : Mercedes
Favorite Holiday Destn. : Paris , Switzerland
Favorite Pastime : Movies
Philosophy in Life : There are no alternates to Honesty & Hardwork

Question Answers :

Q. Please tell us something about your business and when you started it?
A. We are into chain of Optical shops in Nagpur dealing in Sunglass, eye glass, lenses, frames and also providing computerized eye testing and it was started by my father in the year 1962. The dedication and involvement of my father in the business encouraged me to be the part of the business. As a college lad of just 18 years, I thought of adding new flavor to our family business.

Q. What do you consider is the secret of your business to have established a brand in the Nagpur Market?
A. We at Prakash Opticals, totally showcases Quality products and accessories backed up by efficient services to the customers. We don’t focus on customer satisfaction but concentrates on customer delight. These resulted in the goodwill and people rely it as a place where they get true value in return, for what they pay.

Q. How you have adapted to the new technology in your business especially with respect to eye / sun glasses, lenses etc. How did it help your company?
A. Embracing new technology and keeping pace with it, is really a challenge. But it is the need of the hour. To penetrate the technical knowhow and to train the employees in it is the mantra for success. I’m very glad to share we have fully computerized eye testing centre and trained employees to handle it, and it has already lived up as per the expectation of our customers.

Q. Which major brands do you deal in?
A. Rayban , Hoya , Polaride , Spirit , Axion , Police , e.t.c

Q. Did you face any challenges in mobilizing your business?
A. Even though there are many players in the market and new brands are coming in the city, we haven’t faced any major challenge, due to its long year of existence.

Q. Is there any effective way you use to adjust / suggest eyeglasses to fit clients?
A. There cannot be any tailor made procedure for it. It totally depends upon the person’s perception and choice. We give variety of options to them. Of course we do have skilled staff that takes care of the customers and provides proper guidance to them.

Q. Which special feature you have which has contributed to your business success?
A. We stick to our commitment. Whatever commitment we make we deliver it to our customers. To add on, I will say that the involvement and devotion which I have towards my business connects me emotionally to it. It reminds the words of my father to be polite and courteous always in handling customers and I implement the same and ask my employees to do the same.

Q. Do you have any expansion plans or any specific milestone, which you would like to reach?
A. We already have five branches in all the major locations of Nagpur and this year we are celebrating 50 years of ours, in business. We would like to cherish and share our success, with our valued customers by giving them various celebration offers this year. Without their belief and support we haven’t reached this. Customer’s trust and faith in us is the true milestone, for us.

Q. What or who has been your greatest influence in business and why?
A. Undoubtedly My FATHER. His passion for work, Ethical dealings, devotion, determination etc is the numerous qualities which influenced me and will keep on influencing me in future also.


Interview of : Mr. Ashwin Chhabra
Interview By : Biz Infoline Nagpur