Zebion Recommends Security Audit For Every Family And Firm

Launches social drive called ‘Sampoorna Suraksha’ Nationally from Nagpur.

With rising crime in cities and growing number of burglaries, it is essential to adopt new and improved ways of ensuring security. It is also essential to take a holistic and all-embracing approach to security, rather than thinking of it in excessively narrow or simplistic terms, such as merely deploying security guards.

Pune headquartered electronics security specialist, ZebionInfotech, recently launched a national social drive towards making citizens aware of the many security and safety vulnerabilities present in our daily lives, and towards a holistic approach to security.
Zebion’s social drive is called “Sampoorna Suraksha”, and they conducted a roadshow in Nagpur on Thursday 24th November, to spread public awareness of the concept. At a press conference Zebion’s CEO, Yogesh Dagale, explained “Sampoorna Suraksha stands for a scientific model for looking deeply and systematically into all possible security and safety threats/risks pertinent to any space inhabited by humans. The heart of the Sampoorna Suraksha concept involves a professionally conducted Security Audit, carried outby highly trained security consultants from Zebion.

In our daily lives we are all subject to security and safety risks unbeknownst. A 360 degree security audit of your home or office, is a pertinent way of identifying safety and security gaps, so that proper remedies can be formulated.

In a formal presentation to the press and the IT Dealer community of Nagpur, Zebion’s CMO Saurabh Dey explained that this proprietary model encompasses four major security realms – Residential, Commercial, Industrial and Public. Thereby, it is applicable to apartments, villas, housing societies, offices, warehouses, factories, malls, hospitals, public buildings, commercial buildings, government building and public squares/places.

The culmination of the Audit process is an Auditor’s report which identifies vulnerabilities which ordinary people cannot perceive or foresee. Most importantly, the report also provides proficient bespoke solutions to counter all risks in a palatable manner for common citizens to understand and take action on.

To facilitate the Drive, Zebion has opened an information center cum store in Dhantoli, called Zone Zebion. This will help residents and businesses get deeper knowhow about daily security, and the means to implement the solutions prescribed by the Security Auditors. The store has a demonstration area for people to experience various CCTV cameras, Intrusion defense machines, Access controlling systems and many others. The store’s franchisee is prominent IT distributor, Sonu Kewalramani (owner of Silver Gadget House).

Nagpur’s Mayor, Praveen Datke, launched the store on 23rd Nov and expressed his aspiration for Nagpur to be a wholly safe and smart city. He told the press “Remember accidents don’t come announced; they happen unexpectedly. It is futile to sob in retrospect. I feel it’s the duty of families and firms alike to take precautionary measures and act preemptively. We should all make our homes burglar proof and follow safety best practices to forestall accidents and mishaps.”

Dagale mentioned “In the next 5 years we are certain millions of individual households and thousands of independent establishments will perform Security Audits and ensure they reach the most desirable level of safety and security for themselves, often referred to as Z-Level Security in our industry. In truth, Security audits should not be optional, they should be obligatory”.

To this Dey added “We have built a team of in-house consultants trained on every element of safety and security. Audit typically takes one day for a family home and between 2-8 days for commercial establishments based on complexity and magnitude”.

Zebion has identified several foundational review areas where the auditor focuses its attention. These include Intrusion Defense, Video Surveillance, Access Control and several others.