Smart City Project A Concept To Revolutionize The Aesthetics Of Your Industry By Precision Wire Industries

Precision Wire Industries, started by Mr. Devendra Balasaria in 1994, is leading manufacturer of Tuskrete ® steel fibres and a pioneer in Steel fibres reinforced quality products like single panel and dual panel compound wall, precast drains and drain covers, man-hole covers, precast toilets (Under Swacch Bharat Abhiyan) and precast housing. 
They are the only industry in the country who manufacture both steel fibre and fibre reinforced products. They have also successfully exported a fully operational steel fibre and SFRC products manufacturing plant to one of our biggest clients based in Nigeria, Africa. Their results speak volumes of the trust and belief in this technology and our industry.
A brief context to Steel fibres and SFRC products - The concrete with the fibre reinforcement has been widely used in construction industry recently. However, the use of fibre in cement concrete is no longer a new idea or concept. Fibre has already started to use as the concrete reinforcement since prehistoric period. In the past, horsehair was added into the mortar and straw to reinforce the mud bricks.
Why choose Precision Wire Industries and their products: Assuring best quality and timely delivery of services has been the foremost aim and vision of this company. “With this vision and our quality products, we would like to cater to needs of our future customers and expose them to the best of technology which will provide quality structures at economic value and free from repair and maintenance for decades.” said Mr. Balasaria.
Tuskrete Steel fibres have found their application in below ones:
1.      Hydraulic structures — Dams, stilling basins, and sluiceways as new or replacement slabs or overlays to resist cavitations’ damage
2.      Airport and highway paving and overlays
3.      Industrial floors — For impact resistance and resistance to thermal shock
4.      Refractory concrete — Using high-alumina cement in both castable and shotcrete applications
5.      Foundation slabs for residential buildings
6.      Bridge decks — as an overlay or topping where the primary structural support is provided by an underlying reinforced concrete deck
7.      In shortcrete linings — For underground support in tunnels and mines, usually with rock bolts
8.      In shotcrete coverings — To stabilize aboveground rock or soil slopes, e.g., highway and railway cuts, and embankments
9.      Thin shell structures — shotcreted “Foam Domes”
10.    Explosion-resistant structures — usually in combination with reinforcing bars.
Their clientele include Haldiram, Swetal Logistics, Coca-Cola, Gimatex, JSW Steels, Ginni Agro, Vrindavan Township, Mihan, Nagpur Airport Baja Steel, Spacewood, Oriental Infrastructure etc. 
As a part of their vision, Precision Wire Industries initiated Nagpur’s first SMART CITY PROJECT – a concept to revolutionize the aesthetics of your industry. They have launched innovative designs (both in 2D and 3D) for compound walls panels as a part of smart city project. These compound wall panels are both pre-stressed and steel fibre reinforced which provides ultimate strength and life to your compound wall. The design, however, lifts the entire look and appearance of your area. The best part being that the overall cost is less than brick wall work and it is available in various designs. 
If any of the above interests you, feel free to contact  
Mr. Devendra Balasaria on 9823170062 or write at devendrabalasaria@hotmail .com or visit