The All New Fiat Linea, Still Ahead

Jaika CarsIf you still like driving, we’re still ahead. A person who loves driving doesn’t always want to go fast. Or far. He just wants to drive right. The way it is meant to be done. For a person who loves driving, the new Fiat Linea is perfect. Perfect because it combines flair in design with precision in engineering to give you, above all else, a supreme driving experience. When you’re at the wheel of the new Linea, you’re at one with the car, with yourself and with the world.
Dynamic yet stately
The new Linea embodies the best of Italian design. Flamboyantly gorgeous on the outside, stylishly ergonomic on the inside. Its beauty aside, its solid build quality and functionality of design make the new Linea nothing short of truly magisterial.
Designed around you.
The two-tone, soft-touch dashboard features a strikingly bold new instrument cluster and a slick centre console. Its curved ambient line makes it feel like it’s built around you whilst also framing the front of the new Linea’s cabin. So reach out and fiddle away with your favourite knobs and buttons.
The magic of convenience
The new Linea is full of little surprises. Be it the Infotainment System, the Rain sensing wipers or Cruise Control, technology has been used in Fiat’s inimitable style to give you thoughtful comforts that take the Linea experience to a whole different level. It’s convenient, advanced and sometimes, just magical.
The comfort of security
With the new Linea’s core philosophy centering on drivability and comfort, extra care was taken to ensure that the new Linea meets stringent safety guidelines. After all, you can’t truly savour a great drive if you aren’t completely secure.
The beating heart.
For a car that prides itself on the joy it provides when driven, a great engine is non-negotiable. And the new Linea doesn’t disappoint. Drawing on more than a century’s worth of racing pedigree, the beating heart of the new Linea embodies the technological advancement that Fiat stands for.
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