Neeshu Marking & Coding Pvt. Ltd. Launches Printer 8900 Series

With Linx Printernet, check the status of your Linx printers in real time and control them remotely, anytime, anywhere. Stay connected to your line for more efficient coding.

Features : 

• Monitor Production Via SMS  

• Instant Control on Production activites like errors , warning Status.

• Generate calls and Messages at stoppages

Advantages of Linx Printernet

React in a timely manner

• With real-time monitoring, you always know the status of your printers and what jobs are being printed.

• Measure the progress of your tasks against your own objectives - receive alerts in case of delays, to take corrective action in a timely manner - respect your deadlines of production.

Be prepared for task changes

• Estimate the end time of a production run by checking the number of remote impressions for fast and efficient print job rotation. Keep control

• Stay in complete control of the printer when you need it, wherever you are, by connecting remotely.

Proactive support for maximum availability

• Real-time email notifications and liquid level alerts alert you to printers that need your attention for maximum responsiveness and uptime.

• Receive proactive communications from our technical support network that alerts you to potential issues that can lead to service interruptions.

• Remotely diagnosing printer problems through our support network helps you diagnose and resolve printer problems more quickly and accurately, either over the phone or by connecting directly to your printer to make changes to your printer.

LASER PRINTERS are the New technologies printer with No maintenance and no consumables With permanent printing on almost every surface.

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