New Apple Products 2019: Predicting The New Apple Products Coming Soon

Year 2018 just ended, and what a year it's been! We saw the launch of the HomePod in February, the  new iPad in March, a new MacBook Pro in July, new Apple Watch and new iPhones in September, and, in October, new iPad Pro's, a Mac mini and a MacBook Air. Now, as we look to the new year, there is the expectation that new AirPods, MacBooks and iMacs will launch soon. Plus, there are some pretty loud rumours about the new TV content that Apple has been working on, with a wave of new Apple-made programmes set to hit iPhones, iPads and Apple TVs in 2019. Read on to find out  just what new products Apple will launch in 2019.

 We'll start with the products that weren't updated in 2018...

 iPhone SE 2

Not everyone wants a humongous phone and there are still calls for Apple to upgrade the 4in iPhone SE model to the iPhone SE2.

Every time we think that its days are numbered a new rumour surfaces about the new iPhone SE, so maybe it has a future. If the new model launches it is likely to keep the existing, classic design, but feature upgraded internals such as the A10 chip found in the iPhone 7 and a more powerful camera.

iPad mini

The iPad mini was last updated in September 2015 it's clear that Apple isn't focused on its smaller tablets any more - the iPad mini isn't even the cheapest iPad now. It looks like the iPhones with bigger screens are becoming a popular choice for those looking for a larger screen and they are opting for them over the mini, to the extent that Apple now states that the most popular tablet size is 9.7in.

Apple TV

Speaking of Apple TV, there's not much to add to the Apple TV as it stands, but we are hearing rumours that Apple could launch a smaller, cheaper Apple TV stick... Which could help it get it's home-made content out to the masses...

AirPods 2

When Apple first released its wireless AirPod headphones in 2016 to coincide with the iPhone 7, there were many who scoffed at the former’s high price point and slightly silly looking design.

Speculation was rife that Apple would update the AirPods before the end of 2018, but this revamp never materialised, meaning that we should see them now appear in 2019 instead.

HomePod 2

There's one more *Pod hopefully coming our way in 2019. We expect Apple to update the HomePod - although it's not really clear what the company could do to improve the speaker, other than make it cheaper.

Alternatively a Siri powered Beats speaker could make an appearance.


Apple left out any upgrades for its entry-level laptop when the covers were pulled off the new MacBook Air in October 2018. This has led many to question whether the slimline device will be discontinued due to the arrival of the Air, which is more powerful, cheaper, and features a larger display.

There are thoughts that Apple may retain the overall format and use it as the basis for a new line of laptops that are powered by its own ARM processors. While this is a real possibility, 2019 could be a year too soon for the technology.


2018 was actually a big year for the iMac - it's now 20 years since the first iMac launched - and yet Apple failed to update the iMac in 2018! Perhaps Apple didn't update the iMac in 2018 because it is working on a new design for its all-in-one? We have seen the suggestion that by removing hard drive options and making a few other tweaks to the internals the iMac could lose it's 'chin'.

Mac Pro

The Mac Pro is long overdue a refresh, as it hasn't been updated since the launch of the 'trashcan' Pro model in 2013. The once-futuristic device now looks a little long in the tooth, having been bypassed by generations of Intel chips that never made it into the chassis.

Then in April 2018 Apple revealed even more about the radical redesign of its Mac Pro line. However, the company confirmed that we won't be seeing the new Mac Pro until 2019.