‘swag Se Swagat' Of Nagpur's Food Joints & Apps

@There’s nothing quite like having array of choices now in Nagpur  #food #food delivery app

#Food o’holic!! Nagpurian’s guess what we stumbled upon. When you’re done with a hectic schedule and need a lift-me-up, some places are Paradise for you, we’ve got the deets. If you ever feel your taste buds tingle then take a trip down at Bouffage café & Bistro, Italy via Punjab, Burger Singh, Jailer’s kitchen, Goosebumps, London Bubble Co. Food here are quintessential in style, each and every place are based on colourful themed, where space is done with quirky accent and plenty of DIY décor hacks.  Be a trend setter it’s all about fusion food. Food & fun all in one a must visit for finger licking & lip smacking food to enjoy with your family. So stop worrying about  ‘McDonald’s kab aayega?’ and Rather sit back and enjoy the food from the food chains that have lately opened stores in the city.

@Italy via Punjab: You can dive into divine taste of chicken olive rolls & Veg Naanza, its solution to your chicken craving. So, time to gang up for an exquisite experience served with perfection! Make story right here that’s worth repeating over and over. So, sip, dine and enjoy the feel-good vibes.

Hoggers!! New place in town to unite now

Here to tantalize Nagpur completely. For anyone and everyone who wants a bite of Nagpur’s finest cuisines, without having to shell out a chunk of dough from their savings. Enjoy the chilling winters with Bubble Tea{Bubble Tea comes in set flavours; you can surely go for their fruity concoctions with fruit bombs like Cranberry, Strawberry and Peach which you’ll be addicted in no time}

@How about waffles for brekkie? Dark chocolate waffles out here are absolutely sinful. If you’re in for some brunch treats, try their decadent blueberry cheesecake and maple butter waffles. Ice cream “Waff – Wich” is must try and also if your fetish about topping then you have many option to add on chocolate sprinkles, extra fillings, whipped cream, roasted almonds, ice cream, crushed Oreo & banana. So, GO MAD OVER “Waffles”.

 Nothing makes our day better than a great Tea and some mouth-watering delicacies.

@It’s bubblin out there! “Tandoori Chai” If you’re chai lover and don’t mind being experimental then a new addition to this chai family is chai from Tandoor. The oh

so famous Tandoori chai has finally made it to the city. Tandoori chai will surely please your taste buds. It’s prepared in a unique style; it has an earthly flavour, along with a smoky taste. So be experimental and tuck in to have Tandoori chai.

@ London Bubble Co., What should we order? Rocher Rush and Black Jack, for sure! Before this one, our dreams of having a food haunt serve bubble waffle was burst like the way bubble wrap is. But they say na, ‘Agar kisi cheez ko dil se chaaho toh puri kayanat usey tumse milane ki koshish

mein lag jaati hai.’ And that’s exactly how we ended up with Nagpur’s first bubble waffle store!

@Keventers, LOVE the Mint Oreo Crumble and Banoffee. This 92-year-old milkshake brand was dormant for the longest time ever. But years ago when it opened its store in Pune, we knew that Nagpur abhi dur nahi! And lo and behold, we finally saw a gem of the India dairy make it to our city. You could also go for the Banana Pine Coco if you’re up for some experiment.

#Food delivery app!! Sit on your couch and let this nifty food delivery app brings gourmet food right to you.

Delivery platforms are basically the advent of ecommerce in local business. Now in Nagpur with the restaurant burst, there are entrepreneurs increasingly delving into the food business. The potential for smart models in the food domain, which could serves as guides for budding “foodpreneurs”

@Trending alert!! Ideal for lazy weekend or after tough day at work, at the click of button you can have a lavish meal or comfort food at your table with lifesaving online food delivery apps. It has also meant players including Zomato, Swiggy, UBER eats, FoodPanda, Faasos are investing in sourcing deliveries. Nagpur now gonna enjoy wide variety of cuisines with amazing discounts and order them with just your fingertips!

So next time you get any longings, you just have to tap on your phone screen and get good food delivered on your doorstep!