At Tripmagix, the journeys are as great as the Destinations…
Started back in 2014, Tripmagix is nurturing baby emerging as a sublime leader in the travel industry. Held on the responsible shoulders of the young founders Sameer Dhobe and Aniket Sonak, TripMagix aims at creating a world-class travel experience and bringing in a change in the way holidays are planned, executed and experienced. Take a little break from your mechanical and monotonous schedule and pamper yourself.

Vacation means relaxing, soothing your mind, cutting-off from the normal life for a little while, so why go to some overrated places and face chaos like we always do? Instead, choose an exotic location and let yourself lose in there. See the untouched beauty of nature and the places untouched by humans by going away from the cement forest. We believe in giving you something beyond just an experience, we want to give you memories of a lifetime. Our first and the foremost priorities are your comfort and convenience.

Our services are designed to give you the best of everything as our dynamic founders have a vast experience in the field. Every necessary formality associated with the holiday will be taken care of by us. We will take care that you are having a quality time with your loved ones. We will make it sure that every big and small detail is looked after. We will have your back even when you will be away to give you a hassle free trip. Don’t just book your holiday but plan it with us. We will give you an unforgettable feeling of going through it. We will make sure that you are not just travelling to places but exploring them as well because travelling is not just about going places but living there.

If you are thinking of starting your morning with a mug of hot chocolate and a handful of churros to dip in, exploring places munching a burrito, enjoying crisp crepes topped with sweet sins, cutting yourself a thick slice of tiramisu; think us!
Go camping in Grand Canyon, walk across Miami Beach, roam through the bright colorful buildings of Manarola, travels through narrow canals of Venice. Leave everything on us all you have to do is pack your bags because that’s the only thing we can’t help you with.

Drift across places. Fulfill your wanderlust. Keep jaunting through. TripMagix is there for you!

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