Raviraj Properties - Tips For Picking A Great Real Estate Agent

Property खोजना, Owner से डील करना, ग्राहक का पता लगाना, प्रॉपर्टी दिखाना, प्रॉपर्टी का रख-रखाव- जैसे रंगवाना, मरम्मत करवाना, इत्यादि|
डील फाइनल होने पर rent agreement बनवाना, जमीन बिकने पर registry office में ज़मीन रजिस्टर कराना, दुकान बिकने पर related papers तैयार कराना, मकान खाली होते वक़्त चेक करना कि, मकान सही हालत में है, बिजली बिल जमा है, हाउस टैक्स जमा है, इत्यादि|
Property dealer वह व्यक्ति होता है जो मकान, दुकान, जमीन इत्यादि की बिक्री करने अथवा किराए पर उठाने में एक mediator का काम करता है. एक तरह से वह प्रॉपर्टी ओनर और बायर या किरायेदार के बीच का ब्रिज होता है और इन दोनों पार्टियों को आपस में मिलाकर डील फाइनल कराता है|
प्रॉपर्टी आमतौर पर ४ श्रेणियों में होती है
ह्न रेसिडेंशियल यानि apartment flat, बंगलो, रो हाउस, मकान जिसमे लोग रहते हैं  ह्न कॅमर्शियल  बिजनेस के लिए दुकान, showroom, इत्यादि ह्न इंडस्ट्रीअल  फैक्ट्री या manufacturing setup करने के लिए जगह  ह्नजमीन
बतौर कंसल्टेंट आप इन properties को या तो किराए पर उठवाते हैं या इनकी sale कराते हैं.


So Lets Learn the Key Points for Picking a Real Estate Agent
Pick an agent with the right credentials
Similar to architects, lawyers, doctors, and engineers, real estate agents also have specializations and even generalists will get additional training in some areas. It’s a plus if the agent has taken additional classes in a certain specialty of real estate sales.
Meet agents outside their working environment
The best real estate agents spend very little time at their desks and more time out in the field. The best places to look for are open houses or real estate conferences.
Interview several real estate agents
Not only will it give you a broader pool to choose from but it will help you understand the perspective of the agent as well.
Be realistic
Don’t be fooled by promises of a dream partnership. Be realistic because after all they are still sales people so typically they will tell you what you want to hear.
Get to know the real estate agent personally
Take the time to determine the compatibility between you and the agent. You should make clear with your agent what your expectations and concerns are from the very beginning. This will help build open and honest communication.
Research how long the agent has been in business
The state licensing authority can usually help you find out how long the agent has been selling real estate or you can just ask the agent directly. It’s not a good sign if they haven’t been in business for five years. Look for an agent who is actively engaged in a particular area and price range as you’ll want to know what knowledge of those two aspects they can exhibit and what kind of market presence they have.
Check if your agent is online
Assuming they will advertize on the internet, you’d want to be listed on the big property portals.  Your main concern is optimizing exposure of your home to as many potential buyers as possible.
Ask where the agent lives
A real estate agent that lives and works locally will have a good sense of the market and be able to answer critical questions about the community. They should at least know the schools, hospitals, business and leisure establishments where they work. This is especially vital in big cities.
Choose a full-time agent
It’s always preferable to work with a full-time real estate agent since a real estate purchase is one of the most important investments you will ever make. They are more committed and experienced than part-time agents.
Ask how you’ll be updated
It’s wise to ask how you’ll be kept informed, how frequently and what form of media. Your real estate agent should respond promptly to your emails, phone calls or texts and update you with new developments. A good agent will understand that they should make themselves available accordingly.