Nilesh Khapekar


Market Leader in PPR Pipes & Fitting
PPR Pipes
Plumbing Range
SWR Range
Agriculture Range
Column Pipes
Braided Pipes
Reserve Osmosis Plants
Solar Water Heating System
PPR Water Pipe Fitting
PPRC Pipes Fitting
Moisture Separator
Air Moisture Separator
Centrifugal Moisture Separator
MIST Moisture Separator Combo Moisture Separator
Mechanical Auto Drain Valve
Timer Based Drain Valve
Auto Drain Valve
Electronic Drain Valve
Air Blow Gun
Metal Air Blow Gun
Pneumatic Air Blow Gun
Air Compressor
Blowing Air Compressor
Reciprocating Air Compressor
Rotary Screw Air Compressor
Oil Removal Filter
Industrial Oil Filters
Oil Vapour Removal Filter
Solvent Removal Filter
Duplex Oil Filter
Air Refrigerated Dryer
Compressed Refrigerated Air Dryer
Industrial Refrigerated Air Dryer
High Pressure Refrigerator Air Dryer
Cycling Refrigerated Air Dryers

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Block no. 23, Chawla Complex, Amravati Road, Wadi, Nagpur - 440023


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