Mr. Jasbirsingh G Arora – Hotel Center Point


A tête-à-tête with the, very known persona in business & hotel circuit of Nagpur, Mr. Jasbirsingh G Arora, popularly known as Mickey Arora , Owner of Hotel Center Point shared his views with BIZINFOLINE

Q. Tell us something about yourself and how you got into Hotel business?
A. Feel very proud to be born and brought up in Nagpur. After graduating in commerce, I joint my family trading business and later in 1988 joined our hotel business.

Q. Was getting in to hotel industry by choice or accident?
A. It is the outcome of joint family vision, but a challenging choice supported by intense thinking

Q. What sets Hotel Centre Point Apart from other Hotels in the city?
A. Hotel centre point is popular for its quality services. The compassion, warmth and understanding of clients’ needs personally, is our driving force, which differentiates us, and sets our firm ahead of others.

Q. What is the unique point or specialty of your hotel, which keeps your clients Happy?
A. There are many aspects, but to put in brief, banquets serving the best cuisine, genuine rooms service, and an aroma of a positive atmosphere and ambience.

Q. What is your working style?
A. My working style includes the HOD Meetings, day-to-day updates and monitoring the accounts. The second half goes into the renovation and practically looking the minute details of each aspect, with respect to the business. ‘Keep oneself update and aware with the latest trends and techniques’ is the Mantra of my life and business.

image004Q. What are your strength and weaknesses?
A. A strong faith in our abilities strengthens our TEAM. As weakness is a negative word, instead of sharing it, I believe in overcoming the weaknesses. It has strengthened my confidence and has acted as the reason, where, I am today.

Q. How do you keep yourself motivated?
A. My strong belief in the cosmic law karma, keeps me motivated. A lively supportive family and the sincere efforts by my effective staff helped me to build my empire. These are the motivating factors of my life.

Q. Prior to this business what you were doing? What was the reason you chose Hotel industry as your business?
A. I started my career with trading business, Deepak paint mart and then LUCAS TVS in 1986, got training in automobile workshop and took the agency and also joined my family in hotel business in 1988, than in construction and fisheries.

Q. When did you realize that you have made your name in this Industry and have met your goals?
A. I realized it during my travel assignments. Whenever I travelled to various places in India and met people and heard from them, the experience they had at our hotel as a guest or as an employee. The golden memories, shared by them made me realized that, Yes…we have achieved milestone in this business. Setting new goals every time makes us more committed and motivates us to achieve the landmark.

Q. What you do to convince your customers to trust you and revisit your Hotel again and again?
A. Creating a comfort zone for our customers. Fulfilling the minute needs and focusing on customer delight, instead of customer satisfaction, encourages our customers to visit again and again.

Q. Would you like to enter into another sector?
A. Maybe. But at present priority is setting and expanding of our chain both nationally and internationally.

Q. You have recently taken up major renovation work of your hotel, tell us something about it?
A. ‘Innovation & Change management’ is the buzzword today. So we decided to have major renovation & innovation in terms of ambience, cuisine, look and services.

Q. List out your 3 major achievements
A. One is the getting land on which our house and heritage posh apartment is built, Second getting airport centre point property at reasonable price n running it successfully, Third starting new venture and setting up theme park with game zones party hall, lawn and 5 restaurant n running them successfully in name of BOLLY WOOD CENTRE POINT at sakkardhara

Q. Is there any one who supports you in your business from your family?
A. My mother’s blessing. My supportive family including my father, wife and children are the driving force of my business.

Q. What is your motto in Life?
A. To be known as a good human being and be consistent performer in business, and a content person in life.


Interview of : Mr. Jasbirsingh G Arora
Interview By : Biz Infoline Nagpur